Pure Allergy Friendly Rooms

Pure Allergy Friendly Rooms

Pure Allergy Friendly Rooms

PURE allergy friendly rooms use a stringent, 7-step process that includes air filtering, disinfecting and surface sanitizing to offer rooms that go beyond clean, reducing the impact of potential irritants to our guests. This is everything from mold, dust mites, yeast, bacteria, pollen, to odors, viruses and fungi.  It does so by significantly improving the air quality in the guest room which is beneficial for every guest, not just allergy sufferers.

1. Air handling unit cleaned and sanitized to eliminate mold & bacteria. 

2. Tea tree oil in air handler to inhibit microbial growth.

3. All soft surfaces are sanitized to remove bacteria and fungus growth.

4. All hand surfaces are disinfected to remove as many allergens and irritants as possible.

5. An antibacterial is applied to keep allergens and irritants from lingering in the room.

6. Mattresses and pillows are encased in hypo-allergenic encasement's for dust allergens.

7. An air purification system, certified as a Class II medical device, is placed in the room.  The system has 4 levels of filtration capturing 94 - 100% of harmful airborne viruses and bacteria.

Featuring ROAM Amenities

ROAM believes the greatest luxury is the freedom you feel when you travel well. That’s why we have partnered with them to provide our guests with the indulgence of finely crafted ROAM body-care amenities in each of the spacious spa-style baths of our 340 luxuriously-appointed rooms.