Body Treatments

Unique to Sunstone and designed with you in mind! Allow us take you on a journey with these proprietary body treatments. The scrub will be created with you based on your specific goals and needs. Discover how the gemstone-infused essential oils create a luxurious soft texture. These masterfully scented and healing blends are mixed freshly in front of you with ancient salts, gem powder and clay that detoxify and mineralize while healing the skin. Warm aromatic oil prepares the skin for your custom scrub. Heated salt stones buff to renew and polish the skin to achieve a healthy glow. A back of body massage locks in hydration to leave your skin renewed and glowing. 

60 minutes $160

DETOX: A detoxifying blend of ginger, cypress, geranium and rosemary to increase circulation, reduce water retention, tone and tighten and boost digestive renewal and adrenal function while offering relief from heaviness and fatigue.

HEALING: Joint and muscle soothing, this anti-inflammatory blend of arnica, wild sage and lavender purifies and calms. Supercritical CO2 of arnica promotes healing and relaxation targeting aches, pains and soft tissue damage.

HEARTFUL: Nurturing and healing oils of rose, sandalwood, primrose, vetiver and geranium strengthen and support the endocrine system and the sense of deep peace. Induces compassion along with tenderness assisting with stress, grief and being overwhelmed.

STRENGTH: An energizing and reparative oil infusion of peppermint, cajeput, sweet marjoram, vetiver, sandalwood, clove bud, menthol and arnica penetrate ‘cold heat’ to restore flexibility and ease aches and pains. Dissolves muscle tension and releases energy for creative expression.

Our gemstone wraps use the healing properties of plants, essential oils and herbal-infused clays working in tandem with infrared heat and gemstones. This supports the healing process of tissue, muscles and joints while warming deeper levels of the body for a reduction in pain and an increase in circulation to boost metabolism. Infusing these therapies maximize the effectiveness in meeting your goals. 


An infusion of aloe and lavender healing properties create this reparative treatment that assists with dry skin and sun damage. Especially ideal for sunburn where the skin needs time to repair itself. While the infrared sauna dome and Aloe infusion relaxes and heals tissue, a neck and scalp massage unwinds the body. This is followed with an aromatherapy body butter application to lock in the aloe for continued repair.

60 minutes $160



A calming ex-foliation begins this treatment. The warm of espresso and Tahitian vanilla follow for an infusion blend of antioxidants to improve skin contour, slimming affects and overall health results. A finale with a full infrared sauna dome treatment. The benefits of the session are weight loss, sports recovery, detoxification, stress reduction, pain relief, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, wound healing and reduces cellulite.

60 minutes $170



Seaweed is extremely mineral rich, full of nutrients, detoxifying and hydrating for your skin. Our infusion of seaweed, oils and herbs offer an aromatic scent that heals your skin while relaxing the mind. During your infrared sauna dome experience, a scalp and neck massage calms the mind and loosens tension.

60 minutes $170



Desert mud infused with indigenous herbs of sage and arnica heal, cleanse and soothe muscles. While under our Infrared sauna healing dome a neck and scalp massage is performed. This is completed with an arnica Shea butter back massage to hydrate the skin.

60 minutes $170